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We specialize in LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) installation for House Flippers and Rental Apartment Turnovers. We also install Hardwood floors. Our most common clients are repeat flippers and investors. If your in the market for LVP or LVT - Flip Flooring is the company you want!

As an investor ourselves we know the importance of simple straight forward pricing model and a contractors that can stick to a timeline. We have built our business around this. We know you want pricing - quickly. We know the importance of timeline when working with other contractors to keep everyone moving. We get it.

Our sales process is simple, straight forward, and easy. Enter your info, our sales rep/project coordinator will call to ask some questions, then we can provide pricing. We offer both install only (you supply the flooring) and flooring provided options for our clients.


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What is Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury Vinyl flooring imitates many styles like hardwood, stone, and tile. Luxury vinyl floors provide a versatile, durable flooring option that is water resistant and easy to maintain. LVT and LVP are two types of luxury vinyl floors mainly differentiated by their shape and size. These floors are a perfect option for many spaces in your home.

Why do many homeowners and investors chose Luxury Vinyl?

Durability. Most of these floors are produced to hold up to commercial use, so they are well suited for use in all your high-traffic areas. It is scratch, stain, dent, and scuff resistant. LVT also comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes – from standard square tiles too long and wide planks. It also offers an extensive range of visuals complete with natural colors and surface textures.

What about water or wet areas?

One of the significant advantages of owning a luxury vinyl floor is that the flooring is water-resistant. It can be installed in areas of the home that are typically difficult for other flooring materials. These beautiful floors can even be installed in basements and bathrooms where moisture can be a problem.

What does installation look like?

When it comes to installation, luxury vinyl tile and plank usually require less installation time and can often be installed as a floating floor. Floating floors are not permanently attached to the subfloor. Depending on your current flooring and the condition of your subfloor, your sales professional will make a recommendation on how to install your new vinyl flooring.

Do you install other types of flooring?

Yes! We are happy to install any type of flooring. If there is a specific type or style you are interrested in, simply click "Get a Quote" to let us know what you need and we will be happy to work with you to meet your needs!

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Meet the Founder

Eric Berg

Founder of Flip Flooring

Hello! I’m Eric the Founder of Flip Flooring.

Growing up I was taught the importance of being on time, what a handshake meant, and how to work hard.

I take these core values into every business I’ve built. Our customers are the core of our business and we make sure to always do right by them. On time, On Budget, and at a Competitive Cost.

My Story: I started buying, remodeling and renting out properties years ago and in this process taught myself flooring. As I’ve built my portfolio and team I’ve taught them many of the skills I’ve learned. Slowly we have built a repeat client base that comes back over and over again for their flooring needs. As an Investor and Business Owner I look at things through both lenses when building this business. I’ve built this company to be very investor friendly. Quick Quotes, Competitive Pricing, Online Payments - Many times we never see our client on a job site.

We aim to be be the go-to LVP & LVT flooring provider for house flippers in the greater Milwaukee area.

Please visit my other business to learn more about our customer service and pricing. Know that behind each one of these business is myself and my team.


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